Free Online Course: Getting a GRIP on Osteoarthritis

Getting a Grip on Arthritis: Osteoarthritis

Getting a Grip on Arthritis: Osteoarthritis is an educational program designed to help health care providers:

  • recognize osteoarthritis, how it affects the joints and body, and the impact it may have on the life of their patients;
  • better support their patients to learn new management and coping techniques for all aspects of the disease resulting in more active involvement in their care; and
  • summarize how taking a more active role in managing their patient’s arthritis can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life.

While this module focuses on aspects of arthritis care from the perspective of Canadian family physicians, also emphasized is the role and importance of the primary care team in the arthritis care continuum. This module’s content may therefore be relevant for a variety of health professionals. You may elect to explore all content provided or, in the event that a component is outside your scope of practice, you may elect to skip it and move on to the next step in a case.

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